Interview with CEO & Co-Founder , Chargebacks911 – Monica Eaton-Cardone

1. Can you tell us about your journey into this market?While running an e-commerce site that sold luxury goods and cosmetics, I came across an issue I had never heard of before: the concept of chargebacks. Before a merchant knows it, they could be short by thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars. The thing about chargebacks, though, is they essentially render the merchant “guilty until proven innocent.” And, if a merchant gets too many claims, then the bank has the right to take all their funds and close their account.All of the sudden, my e-commerce company had tons of chargebacks—and had no idea where they came from, or what they meant. We were using an advertising service for online promotions, and we had a surge of advertising because we paid agencies a commission on sales. Turns out that, after we paid their commission, we found out they were actually stealing credit cards, and these were fake customers. We were shipping products to customers that had never even bought our product. Chargebacks came rolling in, and we lost the money for the merchandise, the money for the transaction, and were confronted by one of the scariest situations I could ever have imagined. It was a very expensive education.I went on the offensive. I began meeting with risk managers and studying the credit card company regulations. Then I came up with an idea: by calling customers that has filed chargebacks and finding out why, my team and I created more than 106 rules and developed the technology to accurately predict how many chargebacks we could expect, and what their risk levels were. Fintech NewsWe developed technology to help manage our advertising and rebuilt the business. In about three months, we got the majority of our funds released from risk managers. The I got a call from one of the risk managers, who said they had a merchant who was having chargeback problems and asked if I could help them. At the time, there was nowhere that you could find out about this problem, and what I managed to achieve was practically unheard of.That first request turned into another request, and then another. Long story short – that was the start of Chargebacks911.

2. How do you think technology is redefining the Finance Sector?Fintech is absolutely revolutionizing the finance space. Just a few months ago, for instance, the Fed announced plans to introduce real-time payments through their new FedNow platform. That’s just one example of a much broader, structural transformation we’re now undergoing.The paymentsenvironment is, in many ways, out of date. Fintech is a disruptive force that goes beyond redefining the sector; it’s remaking it in its own image. We’re headed for a more decentralized structure and, ultimately, the players who end up influencing the future of finance will be those who offer convenience and reliable security to consumers.

3. What are credit card affinity programs?In simple terms, a credit card affinity program is an avenue way to earn money by introducing prospective clients to credit cards. This is done by permitting advertising on your personal website, or even devoting an entire website to the marketing of those credit cards. Credit card affiliation programs are one of the more lucrative affinity programs that exist.

4. What according to you is the reason behind the rise in popularity of credit card affinity programs?One reason for this popularity is that card issuers offer quite generous sign-up bonuses. An issuer’s affinity with an airline, for example, might offer new cardholders 50,000 travel miles if they spend $4,000 within three months of opening the card account. That’s 12.5 miles per dollar, as opposed to the more usual 2-5 miles per dollar.

5. There has always been a question in the minds of most of us that, who pays for rewards on credit cards?Credit card companies pay for rewards with revenue from a couple of sources: 1) the consumer and 2) the merchants who accept their cards. Consumers pay interest whenever they carry a balance, plus fees whenever their payment is late or they get a cash advance, and part of this goes to pay for rewards.At the same time, businesses that accept credit cards must pay a bank fee every time a customer pays with a card. They typically eat part of this cost, but supplement another by raising prices for all customers (including cash payers), thereby passing these fees onto consumers.

6. Do rewards on credit cards increase the potential for fraud and stealth of loyalty rewards?With the rise of affinity relationships and loyalty rewards, there will be more businesses starting credit card affinity programs. This will increase the potential for fraud and stealth of loyalty rewards, which is already becoming prolific.

7. Where do you see an end for these rewards programs?Affinity relationships are a powerful tool to acquire new cardholders, and they will continue to grow in importance in the online economy. Just as subscription box services continue to grow, major card issuers and brands will come together to maximize synergistic results and promote loyalty through consumer rewards.

8. Will issuers change the rules to suppress churn?Some issuers are already trying to take action against it. Chase, for example, has adopted the “5/24 rule,” in which it refuses to open a new card account for anyone who has opened five or more personal credit cards (with any bank or issuer) in the previous 24 months and American Express has issued a notice suggesting that abusers may lose out on future sign-up bonuses.Most issuers right now seem to be taking churn in stride. Churn simply demonstrates that affinity relationships work, and that affiliations between brands and card issuers are extremely effective.I predict there will be more and more restrictions as issuers continue to compete against each other for long-term, loyal cardholders. For their part, consumers will need read the fine print now, more than ever, when signing up for credit cards with these opportunities.

9. What are “super-cobranded” cards? And can you name some of the brands that are testing this already?Marketing, media, and other forms of branding are creating partnerships and synergies across many industries to super target audiences that have very particular needs, wants, and buying habits. super-cobranded cards are affinity relationships between multiple brands that cater to, for instance, an extreme sports enthusiast, where you have loyalty rewards for extreme sports travel, extreme sports merchandise, extreme sports restaurants, etc., that all cater to an extreme sports lifestyle.That is just one example – there are many. Charitable audiences may have a super-cobranded card with bonuses for giving to the world’s most popular non-profits, as another example.Super-targeted audience segments are being sought after as they are very lucrative. My prediction is multiple brands will partner on super-cobranded cards for these super-segments.

10. What impact will super-co branded cards have on the travel, hospitality and payment industry?The travel and hospitality industry will experience a burst of super-cobranded cards with retail, restaurant, attraction, and event brands joining together to exploit a targeted set of consumers who travel for work, family vacations, or even adventure/extreme vacations.

11. What advice would you like to give to the Startups?The fintech space is fast-moving and disruptive.

To stay relevant, you need to remain ahead of the technological curve and deliver services that precisely identify and address customers’ pain points.

To that end, it’s important to carefully monitor how financial customers interact with existing institutions, and look for ways to address their shortcomings.

12. Which Startup technology has grabbed your attention?There are a lot of fintech startups to watch at the present—Braintree, Opploans, Credit Karma, just to name a few—but I’m most interested in watching Stash continue its current growth in usership.Stash isn’t the most sophisticated or cost-effective method for building an investment portfolio. What it is, though, is easy and intuitive, which is far more attractive to novice investors. As Millennials reach their 30s and start considering their savings and retirement for the first time, most of them will not really know where to start. Stash, along with similar platforms like Robinhood, offer an easy introduction to the world of investment, requiring no experience and little active involvement.

13. How do you prepare for a Technology-centric world?Simply put, we’re already living in one. The development of technology may not feel like an especially-rapid process, but if we consider where fintech was decade—or even two years—ago, we’ll see incredible change took place in that time.The best way to stay on top of change is to remain up-to-date with developments in the fintech space. This will be one of the main frontiers in the next decade; by 2030, the financial services sector will barely resemble the space we know now. The push for more decentralized, instantaneous payments will be transformative. We just don’t know yet how it will transform the market, which makes it difficult to offer any concrete predictions.

14. Which book are you reading these days?I was recently re-reading “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. It’s a short, but profoundly inspirational little book, and it’s played a major role in influencing my personal and professional path. It can transform how you think; not just about sales and business, but about the idea of success and life in general.

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Pocket-Friendly Food Shopping – Save Money On Food

Grocery shopping is an essential as well as important expense for most of the households and families. However, if you want to save money on food shopping, then here are some easy tips for a pocket-friendly grocery shopping experience.

Think Ahead, Plan and Make a List
By simply planning and making a list of the things you need to buy during your next food shopping can lead to great savings. For example, when you have a list, it becomes easier for you to stick to it and not end up buying things on impulse. Even planning your food shopping weeks before actually going to the stores can help you save more and as a result, put your loans instant cash to proper use.

Go to Shopping Once Every Week
Loans instant cash is very much preferred by frequent shoppers. However, when you plan to turn on the money-saving mode while doing food shopping, its best to limit your shopping outings. Go on shopping once a week and try buying all that you need for the rest of the week which can save not only your fuel cost but prevent you from making extra purchases.

Earn and Redeem Loyalty Card Points
Most of the stores these days offer loyalty card points where you earn points by making purchases of certain amounts and at a certain frequency. People often end up collecting loyalty points but never redeeming them. However, when redeemed at the right time, your loyalty card points can help you save big on food and reduce the need for a cash same day loan.

Shop from Local Markets
Do you often take loans instant cash to keep up with the growing food shopping costs and wonder how can you reduce your expenses? Well, then it’s time to say goodbye to the shopping malls and say hello to your local grocery stores where you can get similar items for comparatively cheaper price and put your cash same day loan to some other better uses.

Buy in Bulk and Store Them Right
In case there are certain food items that you need regularly and in large amounts or quantity, then why not buy them in bulk! Yes, buying certain items in bulk, even if taking payday loans and storing them properly can enable you to avail certain discounts and offers as well as prevent your frequent shop visits resulting in saving money.

Don’t Take Kids On Shopping with You
Opting for cash loans fast can be a great way of getting things your kid wants especially when you don’t have the needed cash at hand. But, don’t make this cash same day loan a solution during food shopping, when you know already that you get swayed by your kids’ requests of buying them what unnecessary things that they usually find attractive. Not taking your kids with you during grocery shopping can save you from extra expenses more than you can imagine.

Keep an Eye On the Sales and Discounts
Shops introduce various discounts and offer now and then. Though with payday loans you can shop the way you want; still, if it’s saving money on your food shopping, then look for discounts, ask the store manager about the ongoing offers, register your number with the store to get updated whenever there’s an offer you can benefit from.

Cash loans fast are always available for you to ensure a luxurious lifestyle. However, to cut your expenses on food shopping you got to differentiate between necessity and luxury.

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Should you invest in a CFD?

This is the most basic and longest existing derivative available to you. A forward contract ensures that the buyer of the contract promises to sell the asset at a late date. The price at which you sell this asset, however, shall remain fixed on the signing of the contract.

These types of contracts rarely involve any intermediary, meaning the two parties engage with each other directly. This can be advantageous. No extra expenses will have to be paid and the deal can be completed without informing outside parties. You should know what you are doing in these kinds of deals, however. Should the deal go sour, you will have to engage with the other party directly.

Futures contracts
The principles of this contract resemble that of a forward contract, in that it involves selling an asset at a later date. The key difference here is that they do have to involve an intermediary party, namely the stock exchange. Since the contracts are monitored, no modifications can be made to the contract after it is set. Modifications cannot really be made before the contract is set either, as the contracts are highly standardized by the exchange.

The contracts are subject to daily settlement procedure, meaning all profits and losses are calculated daily, to determine any additional prices needed to be paid by an involved party.

The forwards contracts are a far more regulated form of derivative. The reasons for all of these regulations seem to be justified, though, as they allow for minimization of risk.

Options contracts
These are regulated contracts, which the stock exchange monitors. They allow one side of the contract to make a decision on how they want to proceed once the contract expires.

Options contracts come in several different forms. The first option for the contract is to either call or put. A call option allows you to buy at a future date, although there is no obligation to do so. A put option allows you to sell at a later date, although there again is no obligation to do so. Although you have no obligation to go through with their option at the end of the contract, you do have to pay a premium price.

These can be further specified into either a long or a short option. A long option means an investor already owns the shares of a stock and plans to sell them at a price rise. A short position means that the investor does not actually own the stocks yet and plans to buy them once the prices drop. So, if we were to give an overview, we could have a:

Long Call Option

Short Call Option

Long Put Option

Short Put Option
This last derivative is probably the most involved option available. These are over-the-counter custom contracts that allow two parties to exchange the cash flows (expected net change in liquidity) of different financial instruments. Investors usually refer to the cash flows exchanged within the contract as legs. One of these legs remains fixed while the other is variable, determined on an interest rate, commodity or index price. There is no restriction on what asset the parties can use for a swap, although the most common option is to use them on loans and bonds.

They are most commonly used to when worries arise about the interest rate of an investment. A second company is then found to exchange their respective interest rates with. The first company may have a highly variable interest rate, where the second has a set rate.

As we said these exchanges are a tad complicated. They are used to amend already existing investments, so they are not recommended for first time traders.

The greatest advantage of CFDs over all these other derivatives is that they do not rely on real assets, but solely on making predictions on the behavior of this asset. The trader, therefore, does not have to pay large sums to be able to invest in one of these trades. They are highly flexible, allowing you to trade in a wide variety of assets, not solely relying on stocks. Additionally, a trader does not need to use a great amount of their own liquidity, as these contracts allow for trades to be carried out on margin.

The downside is that they are subject to a large range of charges, including the payment for spread, and holding costs. This also a highly unregulated market, where investors must rely on brokers more than anyone else.

Making a decision on a CFD
So, the CFD market seems like a great option for someone who wants to enter trading for the first time. These individuals would be suited for a market that is not tightly controlled without too much risk. It could have the potential to make good profits but would need an intermediary to deal with the details.

If you are better acquainted with trading, you may want a contract where you have even more options. If you want to make very large profits from your investment, the extra payments used for CFDs will hold you back. For less risk, future and options would be a better option for you. We can conclude that CFDs are overall a well-balanced option for a new trader but they have no significant advantage in any particular area.

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Arbonne Consultants – Sponsoring From the Web

As an Arbonne Consultant, you have a great opportunity to build your business on the web. When you search online for ways to sponsor other Arbonne Consultants, you will see that there are many different responses that will pop up.

So how can you find the right methods for searching for marketing leads? How can you know the best, legal and effective ways to generate prospects to become Arbonne Consultants?

Here are some ideas for getting your information in front of new prospects who might be looking to become Arbonne Consultants:

o Article marketing- there are many sites online that allow you to submit articles with an author bio box at the end. This can be one of the best ways to get free lead generation online.

o Purchasing leads- this method will cost you but can still be effective. On top of Pay-Per-Click advertising, there are also some lead generation sites that allow you to purchase emails and contacts that you can use. Just be sure you are getting legal lists. Be sure you don’t buy harvested emails.

o Search engine marketing- (SEO/SEM) is another technique you can use to find potential Arbonne Consultants. You can use some very simple SEM techniques even if you are not an expert in this department.

These are some of the simplest and easiest ways to sponsor Arbonne Consultants.

I use portions of all three methods to build my business online. One resource that has helped me tremendously is called Magnetic Sponsoring. And fortunately, it’s free to use.

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Benefits of SEO Consultants That Offer Services As Experts

If time travel were possible, anyone who lived before the information technology age would marvel at the advances this technology has brought to us. It has become increasingly popular to buy items that you require from the Internet and pay for them online. You no longer have to make physical contact with your supplier. All you need to do is make your purchase, send the money and wait for the delivery.

Competition amongst businesses to be the winner of obtaining online orders has increased dramatically with the advances in technology. There are so many companies and individuals offering the same services or goods. The competition is no longer local, it is national or international. To make it in this highly competitive environment you must make use of the available online marketing strategies available. Amongst these is search engine optimization marketing. There are two available forms of search engine marketing: Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Many companies use the pay per click system but even more have realized the benefit of using the search engine optimization, especially when it is done by SEO experts or SEO consultants. SEO consultants alter the content of your website to better fit the standards of the popular search engines requirements. They may even go further to change the site coding and the external links pointing to your site. This is all aimed at improving the ranking of the website. By improving the ranking of the site, you increase the traffic to the site.

Although it may cost you a good amount of money to hire talented work for optimizing your website, it will not cost you a penny every time a visitor accesses your website having found it in search engine results down the road. The reason that talented providers charge a lot is because businesses are willing to pay a decent amount for someone that can improve online business long term. PPC advertising requires that you pay a certain amount every time a visitor clicks on your advertisement even if you don’t make a sale from the visit.

If you receive top ranking after hiring SEO consultants to work on your website, this ranking should last a while, or possibly for a very long time. This means that unlike other forms of advertising, SEO has long lasting benefits. It is therefore more cost effective since you only pay the SEO consultants once or monthly for their work but continue to enjoy the benefits of high ranking over a long period of time.

When people use search engines, they believe that the websites that appear in the results have been approved by the search engines. Using effective SEO consultants to perform SEO on your website will result in larger amounts of traffic and online business. People who perform the searches are more likely to trust the information they acquire from your website if it is has high ranking in the search engines.

Although attracting people to your website using SEO can take a while, the long term benefits of having SEO consultants perform your search optimization is worth the time and the money you will invest. In addition you can place advertisements on your site that will earn you money (such as Google AdSense) when people click on them.

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Why Hire SEO Experts Or SEO Consultants to Your Improve Search Rankings?

If you are the owner of a website, you are probably familiar with who an SEO Consultant is and what services they offer. You may have read about them on the internet, in magazines, and possibly on the radio or television programs. You may also wonder who exactly SEO Experts are? Before we define the roles of these service providers, we ought to understand what SEO is.

In this age of information technology, it is easy to assume that everybody or at least most people are familiar with terms such as search engine optimization. The companies or individuals that perform this service are often times referred to as SEO Consultants or SEO Experts. In reality, there are many internet users who are not familiar with these terms. For the benefit of these people we will define and discuss SEO.

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. How can we define search engine optimization? When you are searching the internet, you find a large number of results in the search engine of your choice. The first results are considered very popular and relevant to the search engines. Companies that perform search engine optimization attempt to grab those top rankings for your company in order to improve your website’s traffic on the internet. You have probably used a search engine such as Yahoo or Google to find the specific product that you were looking for. Chances are you typed in a short phrase looking for your topic or item using something relevant to your request. These are what are known as “search queries” or “keywords” in search engine optimization terminology. SEO involves modifying your webpage content so you can grab top rankings for the specific keywords of your choice. These keywords should be in line with those used by specific search engines. The goal of hiring an SEO consultant is to increase your website’s search rankings for your main keywords of focus. We can therefore say that SEO is a form of marketing a website or web pages on the internet.

SEO does not only involve keyword density within your website. It also involves using tactics such as link building and improvement of site popularity to gain top rankings. SEO involves optimizing your webpage under different types of searches to increase traffic to your website.

Now that you understand what SEO is and why it is important, we can now look at the roles of SEO Experts. Who are SEO consultants and what can they do for you? SEO Experts take their firm grasp and understanding of the search engines and use methodologies and skill sets to improve your rankings. They are people who have knowledge of how the search engine algorithms promote top rankings. The most common search engines used on the internet include Google, MSN and Yahoo. When you hire SEO Consultants, they are given the responsibility of either designing your website or modifying it so the search engines deem it as valuable. They then follow up and help the search engine confirm its belief in your site with in bound links.

The standards of search engines are not static, they are ever changing. SEO experts are required to keep abreast with the workings of the search engines. They need to understand how to properly research out keywords for companies and then they must understand how to achieve results promptly. They do this using a variety of tactics from on page to off page optimization. SEO consultants ensure that the right key words have been used to increase the relevance of your website. The SEO Expert will also be required to ensure that any barriers that may exist against the webpage in the search engine’s indexing activities are removed.

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Hire SEO Consultants Or SEO Experts For Your Website to Succeed

If you are an internet user, you have probably had to search for information on the World Wide Web. In most instances, you probably did not have a specific website you were looking for; however, you were looking for a certain topic and you understood what you wanted to find. To get to the information you required, you probably used a search engine such as MSN, Google or Yahoo. To carry out your search you were required to key in certain words that were relevant to your search query. If you typed in exactly what you wanted, you probably were able to retrieve the information from amongst the first websites that the search brought up. Did you ever stop to think how these searches work, and why the websites are arranged in the order they appear when you search for information? Owners of websites can actually improve their results by hiring SEO Consultants or SEO Experts using search engine optimization.

This information is very important to people who operate and run businesses online as well as internet blogs. Especially to those who advertise on the internet. It is so significant that website owners often times hire people commonly known as SEO consultants to improve their results. SEO is short for search engine optimization. The words you used for your search are called search phrases. SEO experts are required to keep track of what searchers look for in the specific field that the website is involved in and help website owners improve their search engine results. The SEO consultants keep track of the workings of the search engines which are constantly changing. The expert will design and organize the webpage contents to fit in with the standards that have been set by the search engines that are in common use. SEO consultants ensure that the links within and pointing to the webpage contain the keywords of focus and also that the links are in abundance. Using SEO experts will definitely increase the ranking of your website within search listings that are pertaining to your specific field. Search engine optimization is not always done for keywords; it can also involve local events, images, and vertical searches.

At this point you may be thinking that you can do this on your own and why should I spend money on something that I can possibly do myself? These are both good questions. In defense of SEO experts, there is more to search engine optimization than simply putting terms in your website to achieve top search rankings. SEO is a form of marketing and is definitely a talent. It is common knowledge that the sale of a product or service is only as successful as the marketing behind the sales that are generated. Your website may be top ranked in certain searches but you may not be getting the relevant visitors to your site or page. SEO consultants can help you direct the customers you are targeting to your website. Because it is the work of these SEO experts to keep track of what people are searching for and the changes in search engine algorithm’s, talented individuals will know exactly what your site requires to attract your target audience. This is especially important for those who wish to advertise using the pay per click marketing system. Getting clicks from people who end up not buying anything will cost you a lot of money, so you must hire talented help. Having SEO consultants working on your online marketing initiatives will reduce this loss and increase your sales through natural search optimization and pay per click advertising campaigns.

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SEO Experts and SEO Consultants – How They Help Your Business

You have set up your business website and then sat back to watch as customers come knocking on your door, but unfortunately not much has happened? When you try to use keywords that you think you deserve, are you still finding the other guys website popping up in those top 3 spots? This is an unfortunate situation that is constantly happening for millions of website owners. You may ask yourself “what’s happening?” It may be difficult for you to understand now because you are not involved in the field of search engine optimization. However, talented SEO experts and SEO consultants out there have a solid understanding of what is happening, and it is pretty simply to these experts. They seem to have a way with websites!

SEO consultants carry out a number of activities to ensure that your site is ranked highly by the search engines. These SEO experts work on a wide range of sites from static sites to dynamic ecommerce sites, lead generation websites and other online portals that are driven by a database. They will charge you a fee for their services, either to perform the work of getting you to the top or else for the advice to get you to the top. Often times paying SEO consultants for their services is one of the best investments a small business can make that will actually help you reap healthy rewards. However, don’t be carried away by SEO experts who promise you everything and a sack of gold with your site. It is not automatic that you will receive the top ranking once they optimize your site. There are millions of website owners out there trying to get their website to the top as well. Doing almost the same thing as you and competing for the same top ranking. But this should not dampen your spirit because there are people out there who understand the secrets to success.

I advise that you shop around for the best company or person and have them optimize your site and create a link building campaign to fit your needs. The reason you need links to your website is simple: you need to confirm to the search engines that you are a relevant source of information for your website’s topic. You may not jump immediately in the search engine rankings, but with time your ranking should improve as the SEO consultants perform the work to get your website to the top. They will often times continue adjusting your webs site to fit the changing standards of the various search engines. Patience is definitely a virtue when working in this area.

You can also register for some training to learn more about search engine optimization. This will enable you to work on your site personally to improve your search rankings. As mentioned before, the standards keep on changing. Therefore, you must keep on investing time or else you need to hire a company that stays up to date on the latest changes for you. To cut down the long term costs associated with this service, it is important to make that one-time investment and get the training or purchase the services. Being trained in this field isn’t always the best option for everybody. Businessmen and entrepreneurs may not have the time to optimize their sites on their own. The option here is to hire the services of talented SEO consultant to work on their sites.

This will ensure that you are able to obtain the traffic that is needed to sustain growth and obtain customers. Most customers interested in SEO services are businesses and retail stores that want to expand their place of sale.

Hiring the services of SEO consultants is a cost that has to be part of the daily running of your business. Just like paying your bills, hiring the services of SEO experts is an operating cost for any business that offers its services or products online. The fees you pay depends on the SEO expert services you are using as well as what the expert believes they are worth. I recommend that you consider price, but you must also determine who can actually prove that they will be able to provide the results you are looking for. The greater the reputation of a SEO provider, often times the higher the fees. However, there are still some talented firms that are affordable and ready to help.

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Factors To Weigh When Buying Luxurious Apartment In Mohali

All about Buying Property in Mohali.

The real estate industry is on a constant high with the growing population and limited land. The growth of the real estate market in the past few years have skyrocketed,Guest Posting slowly inclined towards developing semi-urban areas within the country. The farmers in the semi-urban areas are motivated to sell their agricultural land for high monetary value. Many investors and developers are investing in these agricultural lands. Later investors are developing the lands into commercial and residential spaces. Mohali is a semi-urban area in the state of Punjab where there the pace of commercial and residential development is high.

Owning a real estate property in Mohali can be a great investment for people looking to buy an investment property. There are numerous ongoing housing projects in the area and its offers tons of amenities and facilities for modern age living. Early investment in the Property for Sale in Kharar, Mohali can lead to huge financial gains in future. There is also a rise in demand for luxurious apartments over recent years as many first time buyers are looking for a high-quality lifestyle. Listed below are a few pointers to keep in mind while buying a luxurious apartment for investment purposes or personal living.


When buying a luxurious apartment always make sure that you opt for the reputed and coveted housing neighbourhood or locality. Buying a luxurious apartment in a poor neighbourhood or locality diminishes its value and makes it hard to attract potential buyers if you want to resale in future. Owning a luxurious apartment requires a huge sum of investment and hence compromising on the location is not a wise investment decision. Your property investment will double in future if you opt for an apartment with a flattering view from within the house or balcony.

Amenities On Offer

The biggest selling point of the luxurious apartment is the amenities that it offers. you must look for the best amenities the different apartment offers like 24/7 surveillance, car parking, community space, swimming pool, etc and opt for the luxurious apartment that offers maximum amenities in your desired budgets. With the advancement in technology, developers are offering innovative home amenities like skywalk, biometric door lock systems, etc to attract potential buyers.


The luxurious apartment is called luxurious because it offers tons of space to the homeowners. There are many luxurious apartments in Mohali that offers large and open spaces like 3 and 4 bedroom luxurious apartments to home buyers at a reasonable price. Make sure that you invest in a luxurious apartment that meets your living space requirement to help you maintain your lifestyle and the needs of your family members.

High- Build And Sustainable Home

The luxurious apartment should be on par with the high build quality and unparallel architecture. The apartment should also offer sustainable features like mood lighting. Panic button, curtain control, etc for new-age living. Make sure to check the finishing and quality of construction before making an investment decision. Some developers also offer customized luxurious apartment at customer-friendly prices to their clients.

The above-discussed pointers are only a few factors to the checklist when buying a luxurious apartment in Mohali. Take into consideration the developers credentials before investing in the luxurious apartment in your desired locality in Mohali. There are many successful and established luxurious housing projects in Mohali that you can invest in.

Some developers also assist their clients to get housing loans for their property purchase. You can also go online and check luxurious apartment property prices to get good deals and discounts on your investment. You can also hire a professional for financial assistance to help you make your first investment in a luxurious apartment. Some banks also offer easy instalment and payment options on home loans to their customers.

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What To Look For When Buying Men’s Surfing Board Shorts

Board shorts are an essential part of a surfer’s clothing gear. On a day when you head out to the beach to spend time surfing you definitely don’t want to be wearing just about any pair of shorts

As you hit the waves what you need is a good pair of men’s surfing board shorts.

So what exactly are men’s surfing board shorts and why are they considered an essential item in a person’s surfing kit? Let’s take a look.

What are men’s surfing board shorts?

Men’s surfing board shorts are a particular type of shorts that are especially designed for this particular water activity in terms of the material used as well as the design of the shorts themselves.

Polyester is the most common material used to make men’s surfing board shorts but other microfibers such as lycra,Guest Posting spandex, or elastane may also be used. All of these materials have some amount of stretch in them so that they don’t restrict your leg and hip movements as you ride the waves. Most important of all, these materials wick off water more easily and dry faster so that you’re not cold and shivering when you get out of the water.

What to look for when buying men’s surfing board shorts online

Just like any other item of clothing, these shorts come in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes. Before looking at the style and colors, the first thing you should take a look at is the size. This should be your topmost priority.

When shopping online, you will see that most styles are available in the standard size. Most online sites will also mention the waist or hip measurements that correspond to the different sizes. Take a minute to measure your waist and hips so that you can buy the right size. There’s nothing worse than buying a size too big or a size too small. Wearing a pair of tight shorts while surfing can be extremely uncomfortable and will restrict your movements. A pair of shorts that’s too big can be just as uncomfortable especially as it is likely to fall off and float away.

Once you’ve figured out your right size, then you can browse through the styles available in your size and choose one that you like best.

How much do men’s surfing board shorts cost?

Just like the styles and colors available, you’ll find that the cost of men’s surfing board shorts can vary widely. Several different factors come into play when pricing these shorts.

The type of material used is one of the biggest factors that goes into the pricing. The more advanced the fabric, the more expensive the board shorts are likely to be. The construction also plays a role in determining the price. Some of the more expensive men’s surfing board shorts are seam taped and superfly construction that warrant a higher price.

When looking for men’s surfing board shorts it’s advisable not to look for the cheapest one. You’ll find that you do get what you pay for. The more expensive outfits are made from material that have superior flexibility and wicking properties. They feel more comfortable too. An expensive pair of board shorts from a known brand will last a long time and is worth the investment is you’re a regular surfer.

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