Recruitment Consultant Jobs – What Do They Do?

Recruitment consultant jobs are easy to excel in; provided you find the right one and know exactly what you need to do to get results.

Let’s step back first and explain exactly what a recruitment consultant is and exactly what they do.

Recruitment consultants (sometimes also called recruiters) help connect talent with great organisations. In other words they help companies find candidates for roles within their organisation.

When a recruitment consultant successfully provides this service they are paid a fee by the organisation in question that is usually a percentage of the salary of the person they have recruited.

Using an example; Jane has a recruitment consultant job at Danvers recruitment. Danvers specialise in providing medical representatives to the pharmaceutical industry. One of Danvers clients is Peak Pharmaceuticals and they want to recruit an experienced medical sales representative to work the North of England. Jane has experience in this sector and has a lot of contacts who would be ideal in this role.

Jane works closely with the hiring manager Andrea to find out the type of candidate she is looking for. Jane then goes about looking for candidates who she has connections with that will fit the role. Jane short lists this down to four people and sends the CV’s over to Andrea. Andrea decides to interview them all and then takes two through to final interview stage. One of these candidates stands out for Andrea and she offers him the role. An ideal scenario!

The candidate is offered a salary of 30,000. Danvers has a special arrangement with Peak Pharmaceuticals and for every candidate they place they get a commission of 25%. On this occasion Jane’s commission or billing fee; as it is known, is 20% of 30,000 so 6000.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well it is and it isn’t. Hard work, tenacity and consistency will produce rewards in a recruitment consultant’s job.

As a consultant you will need to understand how to influence and persuade. How to listen to both your candidates and clients to make sure you understand what is important to both of them. It can be far too easy to place a candidate in a role that you think will be perfect, only to discover they have moved on three months later! This is not good customer service from the client’s point of view and can often be avoided with some knowledge, experience and good questions.

So the question everyone wants to know? How are consultants paid and how much can you expect to make? As always in depends. As a general rule a recruitment company expects you to make them money. A quick look on a few rec to rec websites and you will see what the salary range for consultants is. This will depend on your track record and level of experience. In essence recruiters are ‘sales’ people and as such can increase their salary significantly the more successful they are.

Just this morning I noticed on a rec to rec website a junior recruitment consultant job at 25K plus commission and a senior consultant role at 35k plus commission.

Add into this regular commission and you can see why ambition people move into this excellent career. It is not uncommon for good recruiters to place candidates at great fees that can exceed the half a million mark. Do you think their managers and directors reward them with good commissions? You bet!

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